Automated, On-Site, On-Time Detection of Airborne Legionella

Introducing PathogenALERT’s Legionella Advanced Warning system, it’s the L.A.W., a patented detection sensor that facilitates remote monitoring of airborne Legionella and revolutionizes the approach to Legionella detection and control.

The L.A.W. System Features

LAW Unit
How it Works

The L.A.W. system periodically draws a sample of ambient air into the accompanying cartridge, where Legionella bacterium settle on the nutrient rich detection site. Optical density measurements determine if microbial contamination is present.

1000 scans
Legionella scans up to 1000 times per week

The monitoring and alert system receives an alert whenever a contamination is detected, enabling corrective actions in hours, not weeks, to stop loss and and mitigate risks.

Dashboard and Cloud-Based Monitoring

Monitor connected sensors online and in real time using a PathogenALERT Sensor Data online account. Data is analysed online or can be downloaded for more detailed analysis as well as linked with existing IT/BMS systems.

Low Cost Detection

Implementing the L.A.W. system can significantly impact the effective management of Legionella, lowering the overall cost of contamination detection and remedial action.

L.A.W. - Automated, On-Site, On-Time Detection of Airborne Legionella

L.A.W Brochure

Download the brochure and learn more about how the L.A.W. System can reduce Legionella detection times to mere hours instead of days or weeks.

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