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    Automated, On-Site, On-Time Detection of Airborne Legionella

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  • Shortens detection times and automates the sampling and notification process

Rapid Airborne Pathogen Identification and Detection

The RAPID Reader System detects contaminants before visual growth occurs, providing valuable time to engage corrective counter-measures to help prevent or control an outbreak of infectious airborne pathogens.

RAPID Reader System Features

Industrial grade Air Quality Sensors

RAPID Reader Systems are used in industrial installations as well as commercial and research applications. All our sensors are calibrated and are manufactured to ensure accurate and consistent measurement.

Online Monitoring

Access real time air quality data from anywhere using the free online account you receive with your sensors. You can add multiple sensors to one account.

Cloud Based

PathogenALERT’s cloud based platform enables remote monitoring of individual or multiple monitored locations. Automated cloud-based reporting means no chain of custody forms, no shipping documents, no lab samples, and no waiting for analytical results.

Customize Alerts

Set up and manage e-mail alerts whenever pathogens are detected and action is required. Customise when alerts are received and how often you are alerted with features such as Do Not Disturb.



We have over 53 years experience in the total design, prototype, fabrication, manufacturing, assembly, warehousing and shipment of proprietary and private-label Ultraviolet germicidal air and surface disinfection products

PathogenALERT develops a range of smart air quality sensors designed to continuously monitor airborne contaminants in industrial and commercial environments where the stability of air quality is essential and rapid diagnosis of contamination events are crucial. Our clients benefit from the stand-alone RAPID Reader System as well as our bundled germicidal UV systems which detect pathogens, notify you of the detection, and destroy the airborne contamination.